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Monday, February 16, 2009

February 16th, 2009 Picks

Today was fairly good, went 3-2-0 with Atalanta, Illinois State, and Vancouver pulling me up and the Rangers and Valparaiso dragging me down. Today was also the day that saw me finally getting my red star! Now it’s on to the blue star. Razznmarbles in TACOS has gotten to W12 and should be on the leaderboard now, congratulations! Oh, and my picks for yesterday went 7-3-1; I’m having more and more of these above .600 days. And so, on to the picks.

1) Dustin Johnson vs. Rest of Field – Johnson wins
2) SC Freiburg @ Hansa Rostock – Freiburg wins
3) North Carolina A&T @ Delaware State – Delaware State
4) Pittsburgh @ Connecticut – Connecticut
5) Marist @ St. Peter’s – St. Peter’s
6) Texas @ Texas A&M – Texas
7) Atlanta @ Los Angeles – 6 goals or more

If I had to pick against myself here I would take Texas A&M. Delaware State has played against so many tough teams like Notre Dame, West Virginia, Kentucky, UCONN, Dayton, and Ohio State, their record is deceptive. I also like the 6 goals or more, with the Thrashers and Kings giving up a combined 6.24 goals per game and over 50% of their games ending with combined scores of 6 or more. Marist is 1-10 on the road and St. Peter’s is coming off solid wins over Canisius and Rider. Connecticut has Thabeet, they should be able to overcome Dyson’s absence at home. Any questions?

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