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Sunday, February 15, 2009

February 15th, 2009 Picks

Dang, today was a nice day for me. Our formula for picking who scores the most points matchups went 2-0 today. Kansas overcame a 16 point deficit to defeat Kansas State. The Austin Peay game was exciting as well. The teams had 5 points in the first six minutes and only 61 points by halftime. It looked to be over. Even though the teams were scoring at the right pace for most of the game those first six minutes had put ‘em in too deep of a hole. Well, thank goodness for 21 points in the final minute! The final game I decided to pick against myself and go with Nevada who scored five straight points in the final 1:17 to win 47-46. whew With that, it’s on to the picks.

1) AS Roma @ Atalanta – Atalanta win or draw
2) Philadelphia Flyers @ New York Rangers – New York
3) Dustin Johnson vs. Rest of Field – Johnson wins
4) John Nolen vs. Rest of Field – Nolen wins
5) Rider @ Manhatten – Manhatten
6) San Jose Sharks @ New Jersey Devils – New Jersey
7) Dale Earnhardt Jr. vs. Jeff Gordon – Earnhardt Jr.
8) Illinois-Chicago @ Valparaiso – Valparaiso
9) Illinois State @ Drake – Illinois State
10) Eastern Conference vs. Western Conference – Western
11) Montreal Canadiens @ Vancouver Canucks – Vancouver

I’m liking Atalanta, Manhatten, Valpo, and Illinois State most. Feel free to ask if you’d like more of the reasoning behind the picks. Happy taco =]

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