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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February 17th, 2009 Picks

Went 3-3-1 yesterday with my picks, so going 2-1 on my actual picks and losing the one by 1 point in overtime it was a pretty good day overall. SC Freiburg took control of their match after subbing in Rodionov for Iddrisou. Delaware State made a host of bad plays to go down by one to NC A&T in overtime. The Thrashers and Kings took care of business and tallied 6 goals in the first period. So on to the picks.

1) Coventry City @ Burnley – Burnley win
2) Brighton @ Luton Town – Luton Town win
3) Michigan State @ Purdue – Purdue
4) Minnesota Timberwolves @ Washington Wizards – Minnesota
5) Buffalo @ Toronto – Buffalo
6) New Jersey @ Florida – New Jersey
7) Maryland @ Clemson – 145 points or over
8) Jeremy Hazell vs. Wesley Matthews – Hazell (by 4 points)
9) Kentucky @ Vanderbilt – Kentucky
10) Ottawa @ Colorado – Ottawa
11) Al Horford points vs. L.A. Lakers winning margin – Lakers winning margin

Probably going to roll with Burnley, then decide on the rest during game day. I like Hazell and the over and Purdue, so it’s a choice between those for the 2nd game. Then going with the Lakers winning margin. These teams are unchanged from the end of last year during which time Atlanta visited LA. Horford scored four points. The Lakers won by 29.

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