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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Snapshot Of My Day

Selected random lyrics I've written:

To form a chronology of Grande E, you must traverse the breeze, start in the Sin City;
Las Vegas gave birth to me, but the Mormon mecca took the role of raising me, SLC!
Sugarhood be the last remaining levy versus developments, the change is heavy.
Spent some time around, Ft. Collins, start the bud, had the Cough, I found;
Met some colored contacts, spent some time in Cincy, hooked me up, thought it looked kinda chintzy;
That's OK, ended up delayed in faux Jewel, Joya, jolly neighbor air destroyer;
Coronado, low hum constant, interfere with, environs were heaven sent.

I heard you had beef with your external disguise, with these guys on all sides, unzippin' they flies;
tried to take care of it with yay-yea, you only made yourself sick, life felt like shit, yea.
You've got to believe that desire and relief are just chains on you and me, please don't bleed,
satisfyin' serotonin needs. Lettin' lifes abstract greeds get underneath your sheets.
Compassion is the fashion, send a polyphonic lashin', that gold shimmers n' fades, bling disappeared in the shade.
Aqua regia took it completely away.
Gotta open up your third eyes, believe, get high, get by, pay attention, got mine. Gonna get yours? For you kid, I'll teach a course.

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