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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Morality Play At The Delta Center

At the Jazz game last night they had a little 'contest' during one of the breaks. Three guys had a chance to win a basketball, they just had to make a slam dunk off the trampoline like they do during the halftime show.

The MC asks the first guy why he entered the contest: "Because it looks easy!" so the guy jumps on the trampoline and falls woefully short of the basket. The second guy's answer is: "So I can sell the ball on eBay and make some money!", prompting the crowd to boo. He goes up in the air and at the last moment loses his grip on the ball, causing him to miss his dunk too.

Finally, the MC asks the third man why he's entered the contest: "So that I can win that basketball for the biggest Jazz fan in the world, my DAUGHTER!". The crowd cheers and the man runs up to the trampoline, his two year old daughters' hopes and dreams resting on his shoulders. He jumps off the trampoline and delivers a ferocious two-handed jam.

No. Seriously. That is exactly how it went down in real life. This is not a parable or a fable, this was the real, off-action, entertainment at the game.

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