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Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 2nd, 2009 Picks

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1) England U19 @ Ukraine U19 - Ukraine U19 win or draw
2) FC Midtjylland @ Brøndby IF - Brøndby IF win
3) Arizona Diamondbacks @ New York Mets - New York
4) Buick Open Winning Score: 22 under or lower vs. 21 under or higher - 21 under or higher
5) Kurt Busch vs. Carl Edwards - Edwards has a better final position
6) New York Yankees @ Chicago White Sox - Chicago
7) Los Angeles Angels @ Minnesota Twins - Minnesota
8) Indiana Fever @ Washington Mystics - Indiana
9) Toronto Blue Jays @ Oakland Athletics - Toronto
10) Chicago Cubs @ Florida Marlins - Florida
11) Connecticut Sun @ Detroit Shock - Detroit
12) Los Angeles Dodgers @ Atlanta Braves - Atlanta

Random Notes
First off, check out Chad Billingsley's game log. In the past month and more he's got a couple of nice quality starts... against Cincinnati and the Padres. Against St. Louis, Houston, Milwaukee he was knocked around, badly. 6 walks against the Cards? 5 outs to 6 earned runs against the Astros? With Jurrjens pitching and Manny in an ever longer slump Atlanta seems like a good pick there.
Same with the Marlins. The Cubs were expected to contend and win the NL Central but Dempster is not the most reliable pitcher to roll with if you're calling a road win. Nolasco, on the other hand, has done well lately. Well enough to make this a close game through 6 innings.
I do like Toronto on the road as Vin Mazzaro has been shown to be quite hittable. The Athletics have been rock solid offensively scoring 5+ runs in each of their last 5 games. Plus Toronto's bullpen is never a safe bet to hold a lead. I'm almost talking myself out of this one but am counting on Ricky Romero to go deep in the game.
Weaver's right handed. If he's not 100% on with his stuff today Mauer, Morneau, and the rest, could take advantage. Seriously.
Damn you SM, are you seriously going to leave this Mets game locked through a rain delay? Inconsistent much?

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