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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dirk vs. 'Melo; Sharp vs. Smooth; Soft vs. Soft

Above are plots identical to those used in the Wade vs. Johnson prop. The Poisson estimations use Nowitzki's road games and Anthony's home games as their basis. The same with the bar graphs. One can see that during the regular season Nowitzki averaged nearly 6 more points on the road than Anthony did at home. One can also see that Nowitzki's production in the playoffs has not even been close to what it was during the regular season. Anthony, on the other hand, has picked up his production in the playoffs. Both players scored over 20 points per game during the season when they met head-to-head. One interesting note is that Nowitzki's season high of 44 came in a game at Denver and that Anthony's season high of 43 came in a game at Dallas. Nowitzki's struggles in the playoffs can be forgiven a bit because Gregg Popovich's Spurs always have good strategies for containing their opponents' stars, but the Nuggets will present just as many, if not more problems, for Nowitzki to contend with.

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