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Thursday, February 12, 2009

February 12th, 2009 Picks

After a rough start yesterday with Albania failing to score against Malta things took a turn for the better. Spain defeated England 2-0, while A.J. Price hit 4 three pointers helping him along in defeating Jonny Flynn. Oklahoma had a tough time breaking away from Baylor, but in the end were not to be stopped. And now, onto the picks.

1) Davis Love III vs. Hunter Mahan – Davis Love III
2) Paul Goydos vs. Joe Ogilvie – Paul Goydos
3) Burton Albion win @ Ebbsfleet United win or draw – Ebbsfleet United
4) Temple @ St. Joseph’s – Temple
5) Albany @ Stony Brook – Stony Brook
6) Terrence Williams + Earl Clark vs. Luke Harangody – Harangody
7) UCLA @ Arizona State – Arizona State
8) Illinois @ Northwestern – Illinois
9) Brandon Roy vs. Stephen Jackson – Jackson
10) Calgary @ Los Angeles – Los Angeles
11) Gonzaga @ St. Mary’s – 137 points or fewer

I’m thinking Ebbsfleet, since they have only lost at home 4 times, to some of the better teams in the league. Then Luke Harangody, since Notre Dame is at home I’m hoping he gets some free throws. Williams and Clark are poor free throw shooters and only average FG shooters (~42% apiece). Then Illinois (hey they’re due for one on the road) or Arizona State (ASU is a good defense, they won’t let UCLA blow them out) and hopefully with the Gonzaga game on the same channel they’ll delay the matchup allowing us to pick Gonzaga @ St. Mary’s. The Gaels are missing their top scorer, but should still play hard with the winner being that much closer to the conference title. That should lead to a low scoring affair, so I’ll go with 137 points or less. Of course, I may change my mind before then. It’s best to keep ones options open. =]

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