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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

February 11th, 2009 Picks

Well, yesterday was my worst day thus far as I went only 3-7-0. The three victories came with Michigan State and Michigan going for 96 total points, 37 points below the over/under, Seton Hall downed DePaul rather easily, and Golden State was a winner with 144 points! Every other pick I made was a total bust, though Cunningham came awfully close to winning that prop. Ah well, onto today’s picks.

1) Poland win vs. Wales win or draw – Wales
2) Albania win @ Malta win or draw – Albania
3) Argentina win @ France win – France
4) England win or draw @ Spain win – Spain
5) Mexico win or draw @ USA win – USA
6) Xavier @ Dayton – Dayton
7) Jonny Flynn pts. vs. A.J. Price pts.+ast. – A.J. Price
8) Terrance Woodbury pts. vs. Tennessee winning margin – Woodbury pts.
9) North Carolina @ Duke – North Carolina
10) Oklahoma @ Baylor – Oklahoma
11) Texas Tech @ Kansas State – 154 points or more
12) Montreal @ Edmonton – Edmonton
13) Calgary @ Anaheim – Anaheim

Now, going by yesterdays results you would do best to pick opposite these picks. As for my actual picks I’m thinking Albania, Spain, A.J. Price, and Oklahoma.

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