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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Morlochs Discovered Living Underneath Astoria, IL


You know, I really have no idea what is going on with the Molemen at the moment.  Their website, , is looking nice, but it’s been undergoing an upgrade for a damn long time now. 

Either way, these are some dope producers and MC’s out of Chicago. “From Now Until Forever” is Astonish’s first album out overall and first with the Molemen crew.  This is some dreamy smooth hiphop, where the melodic hooks  play off a solid, if plain, drum line base.  You’ll hear plenty of pianos, wistful guitar riffs, and some vocal post-production to give it that polished feel.  Hard to believe this is just bubbling up. 

Here we’ve got a couple of tracks to preview this album.  I would recommend picking this one up.  It’s got a nice sound, something to really grab your attention and transport you away. 

Broken Dreams – This is a poignant tale told of one of many young black men who found themselves making ridiculous stacks in the drug game, end up with a family, and finish with time in jail, losing it all.  You see, life is long, you fail to check your head for a second and that could be it, especially if you’re up to something stupid.

Life Ain’t Sweet (ft. Termanology) – A pretty simple beat that just seems to grin at you and hint at a sound that could take over the entire track with a tweak here or there.  Termanology spits some pretty basic rhymes, but it’s really Astonish’s cool drawl that takes this track. Check it below.

And to finish off, we have a little bit of comedy via Day By Day Entertainment.  It’s the Roadie Road Show, it’s pretty bizarre and damn funny:

“My man Julian, who did a stint rapping in DIRTY RATS as Cali Fats, is one funny ass dude… check out this clip of some roadie cooking advice…”  --Percy Carey

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