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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Egyptian Snake Eyes


Thanks to the crew over at Daily Diggers for the heads up on this being the 20th anniversary of this amazing Main Source album.  For those who weren’t around 20 years ago, or don’t care, or forgot, Main Source is Sir Scratch, Large Professor, and K-Cut.  These are some funky old school beats, and the MCs will remind you of the days of a young Will Smith. 

This next bit is exclusively for those who have bought this album previously.  If you’ve lost it, had it stolen, scratched, melted, whatever, you can go ahead and pick it up right here.  Otherwise, sod off.

* * *

I’d like to switch gears now that the goods have been dropped and focus a bit of attention on the situation in Egypt.  If you give half a shit about the state of the world, you know what’s going on in Egypt.  One of the lessons I’ve taken away from this, and have had impressed upon me more and more often as time has gone on, is that our stereotypes about other nations are generally misguided.  Egypt has a reputation as a state we must appease or else they will invade Israel and turn it in to an Islamist state.  But we see right there on the streets that the people of Egypt desire a democracy.  It seems to be a fairly modern country with well-educated citizens who are more like Americans than like Martians.  We’ve got a perfect example below, from the good folks at RabbleTV via Prism Magazine:

I really enjoy hearing this woman speak and sincerely hope they are successful in their attempts in taking control of their government and being represented by that government, rather than simply working for the government.  (Yes, I stole that last bit from the video).

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