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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Written Word

A picture is worth 1,000 words. If I write 1,000 words it's all art, but it's OK if you call only part of it art and compartmentalize it from other kinds of art.

So, for any of you still here, let's get ready to rumble.

Us white people are fucking crazy. Seriously, check this out:

I'm also still on Mighty High Coup - To The Moon. Once again, I recommend purchasing it here at amazon. Track 7, Hoody N' Tims, is one I hadn't listened to much initially, but it turns out to be a chill little track. Anyways, I wrote the following at various points in the day:
Chattin' to the Laureates in the corner,
Noble stories at the edge of the border
of the era, new technology is in my mind
all the time, it's fly, when I see the atoms
connectin' to form the hive, also the skies,
'N we try, to ascend this, funny, just pretend this
vibrations got large after Einstein and Bohrs
Duality, particle and wave, now go and get yours
Increase your energy, get down, BASS takes it
Without grumble stumblin' south Sudan animate
primal psyche psycho Islam Khartoum control gate
Hold up... the fuck?
Bluck bluck, with a smile, coz I ain't never held a gun
Yeah, yeah, y'all ain't stunned, grunt
while I behave in a way that blunts the choices
you will make, Bun. Careful, son,
this mind control business can tear 'em asund.
"sample: For every action there is a reaction"
Recast in Iran contra, indicate, fate
is just a state of mind, you'll find
Stick and move, is just act first, react never.
So blast first, jackasses think they clever,
Ideals from Plato are mere sticks that I move
Your reality is my magic trick. Yeah? Smooth.
I just want another dirty rats needle groove.
Clone myself, outre spangled banner strangle
*rrrr*, *haha*, *-ooovve* *lala*

So while I was writing this I would be listening to A-Bomb and Ricky Raw and Cashmere The Professional, so it might seem a little incompatible, but hey it can be spit 50 different ways, I just need one.

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