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Saturday, January 29, 2011

50 Ways To Drop It

So I finished tidying up some verse I had written a few years ago to a beat I can't remember at the moment (since I'm listening to something else at the same time). Anyways, here it is:
And if thought experiments were athletic skills I'd have schooled Big Blues unreal Grant Hill.
Murder innocents, murderous intents, fatal events, n' homicidal mindsets!
Walla Walla is an Elmer Fudd joke, filled with 7th day shit-heads who deserve to get choked!
Got to reap sown wheat, n store heaps to tryst through the mist, before I pick up my feet, n' rest my head while I weep.
Hey Death Row! Ya still live? Large much?? Creep all ya’ want, I never sleep. Chutch.
Demon motherfuckers make it real in this inethical [sic(sick)] world! Bitch.
Let the deej run this, ‘afore I murder the emcee with my BEEP BOOP fists. Robotix.
Did you even play a game at Ruckers, Park? Doubt ya met the King, or the Duck. Fuck. Shucks.
Salt Lake Shitty is the city where we outnumber “No on 1” flitty know-not bitches fifty to fucking one.
Now soar underneath the sun! Jun can hook ya engine metal sintered new material, son.
Now, don’t worry ‘bout my end of the run. Wesley Bum-kiss. Unsic. Hope he gets a damn tick.
Doubt me, n' you’re already licked. Lesson learned too late, too slow, diffusion of the Fick.
Communication is so inefficient.

I smoothed it out while listening to 'Blessings' from You Only Live Twice. I also had it working well with track#12 of the medicine show 11. This was written a couple months after Utah had voted to disallow gay marriage. I also decided to just attack attack attack, because well, who the fsck really cares anyways, aye?

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