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Sunday, October 4, 2009

October 4th, 2009 Picks

(skip to picks)It was just another day where college football kicked my ass. Started out the day with Tottenham Hotspur only managing a draw against Bolton for the loss, but at least it was an entertaining match. Then picked up a win with the Chicago Blackhawks taking revenge on Florida, 4-0. My third pick was another loss with Vancouver failing to beat the Avalanche at home. Colorado is off to a good start this season with two home victories over playoff teams from last season. I finished the day with a win as the Tampa Bay Rays outlasted the Yankees 5-3. Plenty of NFL action today so good luck and on to the picks!

1) Liverpool @ Chelsea - Liverpool win or draw
2) Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots - New England
3) Chicago Bears (v. Lions) vs. Indianapolis Colts (v. Seahawks) - Indianapolis larger winning margin
4) Washington Redskins (v. Buccaneers) vs. Houston Texans (v. Raiders) - Washington larger winning margin
5) New York Giants Winning Margin vs. Kansas City Chiefs 2nd Half Points - Giants winning margin
6) Cincinnati Bengals Winning Margin vs. Cleveland Browns TDs and FGs - Cincinnati winning margin
7) Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars - Jacksonville
8) Scott Piercy or Matt Kuchar vs. Rest Of Field - Rest of field
9) New York Yankees @ Tampa Bay Rays - Tampa Bay
10) Tony Stewart vs. Jeff Gordon - Stewart has a better final position
11) Phoenix Mercury @ Indiana Fever - Phoenix
12) Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins - Buffalo
13) New York Jets TDs and FGs vs. New Orleans Saints Winning Margin - Jets TDs and FGs
14) Colorado Rockies @ Los Angeles Dodgers - Los Angeles
15) Dallas Cowboys @ Denver Broncos - Dallas
16) St. Louis Rams 2nd Half Points vs. San Francisco 49ers Winning Margin - Rams 2nd half points
17) San Diego Chargers @ Pittsburgh Steelers - San Diego


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