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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September 29th, 2009 Picks

(skip to picks)Well damn, that Pirates/Dodgers game sure did not go as expected. I mean, it's tough to get four straight wins, but Kuroda never even had a chance. I'm just glad this once I didn't get screwed by the pitcher who's throwing batting practice. After that I ended up taking the Witten/Smith prop and was just happy to walk away with the push at the end. Even though Witten caught all 9 passes thrown to him you can't fault the Cowboys for targeting him just once in the second half. I mean, the offense they were running was definitely working. Still, just one more pass to the guy would ya? UEFA Champions League is back in action tomorrow and there are a couple of baseball props up on the board which are always fun. I took Billingsley because the Padres are batting .220 at home this season while the Athletics are hitting .268 on the road. And so on to the picks!

1) Germany vs. Korea - 2 goals or more scored in the 1st half
2) Minnesota Twins @ Detroit Tigers - Detroit
3) Inter Milan @ FK Rubin Kazan - 2 goals or fewer
4) Cameroon vs. United States - Cameroon win
5) Liverpool @ Fiorentina - Liverpool win
6) Minnesota Twins Hits Off Verlander Or Tie vs. Justin Verlander Strikeouts - Verlander strikeouts
7) St. Louis Cardinals @ Cincinnati Reds - St. Louis
8) Indiana Fever @ Phoenix Mercury - Phoenix
9) Felix Hernandez (v. Oakland) vs. Chad Billingsley (@ San Diego) - Billingsley allows fewer hits after 5 innings
10) Arizona Diamondbacks @ San Francisco Giants - Arizona
11) Total Runs Scored In Innings 4 Through 6: 2 Runs Or Fewer vs. 3 Runs Or More - 3 or more

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