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Saturday, September 19, 2009

September 19th, 2009 Picks

(skip to picks)A nice rebound day going 8-3-0 here and 2-0-0 for my Streak picks overall. Started out the day with a 3-0 win for Arminia Bielefeld on the road, skipped the next soccer match and got the come from behind win with the Marlins to finish the day. Florida rallied with 4 runs in the top of the 9th and it proved just enough to avoid losing for the 10th straight time at Great American Ballpark. We're back into the college football season tomorrow and hopefully there's at least one gimme screaming at you on the board. And so, with that, we continue, onward and froward to the picks.

1) Stoke City @ Bolton Wanderers - Stoke City win or draw
2) East Carolina Pirates 2nd Half Points @ North Carolina Tarheels Winning Margin - East Carolina 2nd half points
3) #8 California Golden Bears Rushing TDs @ Minnesota Golden Gophers Total TDs - California rushing TDs
4) #18 Utah Utes @ Oregon Ducks - Oregon
5) #19 Nebraska Cornhuskers @ #13 Virginia Tech Hokies - Virginia Tech
6) #3 USC Trojans Winning Margin @ Washington Huskies Points Scored - USC winning margin
7) Arizona Wildcats @ Iowa Hawkeyes - Iowa
8) San Francisco Giants @ Los Angeles Dodgers - Los Angeles
9) #17 Cincinnati Bearcats @ Oregon State Beavers - Cincinnati
10) Northwestern Wildcats @ Syracuse Orange - Syracuse
11) Los Angeles Angels @ Texas Rangers - Los Angeles
12) #23 Georgia Bulldogs @ Arkansas Razorbacks - Arkansas
13) Texas Tech Red Raiders Points Scored @ Texas Longhorns 2nd Half Points - Texas Tech points scored
14) Colorado Rockies @ Arizona Diamondbacks - Colorado
15) Floyd Mayweather vs. Juan Marquez - Any other outcome (non-decision)

2), 6), and 13)For these picks I tried not to think too much about them and instead just used the over/under and spread to figure what the result might be. From the over/under (denoted OU) and the Line (denoted Ln) one can figure the final score. Say Team A and Team B's final scores are denoted 'A' and 'B' then we can figure the final score from OU and Ln:

i) A + B = OU
ii) A - B = Ln
iii) 2×i) + ii) ==> 2A = OU + Ln ==> A = (OU + Ln)/2
iv) Insert iii) into i) OU/2 + Ln/2 + B = OU ==> B = (OU - Ln)/2

Now you can just plug in the over/under and the line to get the final scores. For East Carolina @ UNC the O/U is 44 and the line is 7.5 so the final score is 25.75 to 18.25, so ECU is figured to score 0 to 18 points, possibly all or none in the second half. Since 7.5 is less than half of 18 I'll go with the second half points.

USC is favored to win by 19 with 52 total points scored so (52-19)/2 = 16.5 is less than 19 so go with USC winning margin. You can figure of Texas Tech's points is more than half of Texas' points as well. Good luck, and go with your gut if you figure one team will score all their points in the first half or will just get whomped by more than the line shows.

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