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Monday, September 14, 2009

September 14th, 2009 Picks

(skip to picks)Well, another poor day for me in which I remained over .500 but still picked more losers than winners for my own streak. I went 4-1 in NFL straight up picks, but ended up taking the Houston Texans who could not do anything against a revamped Jets defense. Then the Dodgers got shut down by AL transfer Brady Penny. I never got a chance to pick Green Bay who pulled off a last minute victory so I'm stuck on the losing end of things at the end of the day. On the plus side I should win 2 out of 3 fantasy football league games even though I played a man down with Anthony Gonzalez going out. The one loss was my team that had Gonzalez and Breaston so I played two men down in that one. Well, I think the streak breakers of the day lie in baseball so good luck and on with the picks.

1) Aalborg BK @ Randers FC - Randers FC win or draw
2) Juan Martin del Potro vs. Roger Federer - 4 or 5 sets played
3) Terrell Owens vs. Randy Moss - Moss records more receiving yards
4) Tampa Bay Rays @ Baltimore Orioles - Tampa Bay
5) Houston Astros @ Cincinnati Reds - Cincinnati
6) Florida Marlins @ St. Louis Cardinals - Florida
7) Arizona Diamondbacks @ San Diego Padres - San Diego
8) San Diego Chargers Winning Margin vs. Oakland Raiders 2nd Half Points - Chargers winning margin

1 comment:

  1. Raiders second half points, besides that i think all the others are ok ... maybe cardinals lol

    c'mon zom that blue star needs a twin!