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Friday, August 28, 2009

August 28th, 2009 Picks

(skip to picks)A terrible 6-11-0 day for me yesterday after going 16-3-2 the past two days. I started out with Werder Bremen's defense holding strong and allowing zero goals while scoring only two of their own. Aktobe never had a chance as they went down a man with 10 minutes left in the first half. Then I picked up my only win of the day as Sigma Olomouc drew against Everton. Things went poorly from there as Manchester City won their Europa League match 2-0 as well, then J.A. Happ got left in one inning too many. He allowed 5 hits through 7 innings and was sitting just below 100 pitches. They trotted him back out, however, and he gave up a single and a two run jack in the eighth. The Phillies ended up losing the game 3-2. To finish things off the 'high powered' Angels offense was shutout and the Mariners/Royals combined for many more runs than the Athletics could score. Bahhh, good to be away from that day and on to the picks.

1) Sergio Garcia vs. Padraig Harrington - Garcia cards a lower or equal front 9 score
2) Tiger Woods' 2nd Round Score: 68 or lower vs. 69 or higher - 69 or higher
3) Mainz @ Borussia Monchengladbach - Mainz win or draw
4) Atlanta Braves @ Philadelphia Phillies - Atlanta
5) Tampa Bay @ Detroit Tigers - Detroit
6) Calgary Stampeders @ Toronto Argonauts - 53 points or fewer
7) Sacramento Monarchs @ Minnesota Lynx - 78 points or more scored in the 1st half
8) New England Patriots @ Washington Redskins - Washington
9) New York Liberty @ Chicago Sky - Chicago
10) Green Bay Packers @ Arizona Cardinals - Arizona
11) Felix Hernandez (v. Royals) vs. Tim Lincecum (v. Rockies) - Hernandez allows fewer earned runs

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