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Friday, July 17, 2009

July 17th, 2009 Picks

(skip to picks)A perfect 0-4-0 today. Both Woods and two-time British Open defending champion Padraig Harrington were less than stellar yesterday. Then I went with low scoring summer league and Canadian football games. Not sure what I was thinking expecting people to play defense in the Summer league, but sometimes the players are just not that good offensively and you see some real low scores. Canadian football games tend to be high scoring, but I looked through their season and nearly two-thirds of the games have fewer than 54 points scored. My router has been going in and out, real spotty, so until it gets replaced later today I won't have much internet access. So, just the picks and they're just gut instinct for today. Good luck!

1) Angel Cabrera vs. Paul Casey - Cabrera cards a lower or equal second round score
2) Alberto Contador vs. Lance Armstrong - Contador has a better Stage 13 finish
3) Tiger Woods' Second Round Score: 68 or lower vs. 69 or higher - 68 or lower
4) SK Austria Kärnten @ SC Magna Wiener Neustadt - SK Austria Kärnten win or draw
5) Milwaukee Brewers @ Cincinnati Reds - Milwaukee
6) Philadelphia Phillies @ Florida Marlins - Florida
7) United States vs. Italy - 8 runs or more
8) Tampa Bay @ Kansas City Royals - Tampa Bay
9) Seattle Storm @ Sacramento Monarchs - Sacramento
10) Breidis Prescott vs. Miguel Vasquez - 9 rounds or more
11) Los Angeles Angels @ Oakland Athletics - Los Angeles

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