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Friday, February 6, 2009

February 6th, 2009 Picks

Wow, well yesterday turned out to be a bit of a bust with my picks overall performing at 4-9-0, bringing my record for the past two days to an unenviable 11-15-0. Fortunately I ended up at 2-1-0 for my official picks with PSV Eindhoven scoring six goals, the Jazz thrashing the Mavs, and Alonzo Gee having a mediocre game to lose to A.J. Ogilvy in the points+rebounds prop.

Today is a new day and so on to the picks.

1) Camilo Villegas vs. Padraig Harrington – Villegas gets the lower second round score
2) Hertha Berlin @ Arminia Bielefeld – Hertha Berlin wins
3) Fairfield @ Canisius – Canisius
4) Brown @ Dartmouth – Dartmouth
5) Montreal @ Buffalo – Buffalo
6) Carmelo Anthony vs. Antawn Jamison – Antawn Jamison more points+rebounds
7) New York @ Dallas – Dallas
8) Chris Henry vs. Yusaf Mack – Chris Henry
9) Stephen Jackson vs. Amare Stoudemire – Jackson gets more points

Villegas is 8 strokes ahead of Harrington so I say go with the better performer there and expect Villegas to do at least as well as Harrington. Hertha Berlin is riddled with injuries but they’re still a much better team than Bielefeld. Fairfield has two of their top guys out and Canisius is at home. Dartmouth is also at home, and since I don’t know much about Brown either I’ll go with the home crowd. Jamison is a beast and is liable to go for 40+, I’d be surprised if Carmelo got over 30. The Stars have been playing well lately and went down in a tough one against Colorado, while New York has been struggling lately. I’m looking for the home team to pull one off here tonight. Chris Henry is ranked a bit ahead of Yusaf Mack, but it’s difficult to tell who has the advantage without doing some in-depth research, so I went with the fan favorite here, Henry. Finally we have Jackson vs. Stoudemire. In their game on Wednesday Jackson went off for 30 points compared to Stoudemires 13. Stoudemire is capable of winning this but with trade rumors flying around he may be distracted.

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